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My Honest Appen Review – Is Appen Work-at-Home Legit or a Scam?

My Honest Appen Review – Is Appen Work-at-Home Legit or a Scam

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A Comprehensive Appen Review: Get the Inside Scoop!

Are you looking to make some extra money working from home? Maybe you’ve heard of Appen and you’re curious about what it’s all about. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

In this comprehensive Appen review, we’ll dive deep into what Appen is and what it offers, Appen reviews from employees, the pros and cons of working for Appen, tips for Appen success, how to get started with Appen, and more.

The following video outlines what gig work is, what is Appen, and why you should consider Appen as one of the gig companies you work for.

Introduction to Appen

Founded in 1996, Appen is an Australian-based tech company that provides data annotation services and data collection for organizations around the world.

They specialize in crowdsourcing work-from-home jobs that allow people to work remotely and make money from the comfort of their own homes. Appen has a wide range of jobs from search engine evaluation, to data entry, to translation, and more.

Appen is one of the most popular companies for work-from-home jobs and is used by many organizations to help them collect and annotate data.

Appen has a great reputation for providing legitimate work-from-home jobs and they offer competitive pay and flexible hours. They also have a wide range of job types and are always looking for new workers.

Appen Job Types and Pay

Appen offers a wide range of job types, including social media labelling, search engine evaluation, linguistics, and data collection. Appen jobs range from entry-level to advanced and they pay competitively.

The pay rate varies depending on the job type, but Appen generally pays between $10 and $25 per hour. The pay is often higher for more advanced jobs, such as search engine evaluation.

Let’s have a look at the four main job categories:

Social Media Labelling is where you act as a mystery shopper online, helping a social media platform evaluate their e-commerce shopping experience by purchasing items and completing surveys related to the experience.

Search engine evaluation is one of the most popular Appen jobs and it pays $13-$15 per hour. The job involves evaluating search engine results for accuracy and relevancy. It’s a great way to make money from home and the job offers flexible hours and competitive pay.

Data collection is another popular Appen job and it pays $10-$25 per hour. The job involves entering data (text, visual or audio). For example you could be training robots to talk to humans in different scenarios, such as making a phone call by providing written utterances as if you were interacting with a virtual assistant. Data entry jobs are often part-time and the pay is competitive.

Linguistics is another popular Appen job and it pays $14-$30 per hour. The job involves translating text from one language to another and it’s a great way to make money from home. 

We’ll explore some of these jobs in more details below and provide some examples from Appen.

Step by step guide to getting started with Appen

1. Create your Account

Access the Appen Website and click on “Join Our Crowd”.

Appen main menu and Join Our Crowd button

Aspen then explains about their Part-time Flexible jobs.

We are looking for people from all over the world to participate in some of our many exciting work-from-home opportunities. These opportunities range from simple surveys that can be completed in less than one hour to on-going projects that last for months or longer. Leverage your social media interest, mobile device savviness, your college degree in linguistics, online research skills, or passion for images, video, or audio. With so many diverse projects, chances are we’ve got something for you. 

Enter your email address, password, full name and country of residence. Then click on “Create Account”.

 If you have an existing account, of course simply Sign In.

Create your Appen account

2. Verify your email

You’ll be asked to verify your email. 

Once you receive the verification code in your email account, enter it on the verification screen.

Access your email and you will see the verification code from appen:

3. Apply for Jobs and complete your profile

You then have the option of applying for either Projects, Micro Tasks or Survey & Data Collection.

You can click any of the 3 Apply buttons, as they lead to the same page where you need to complete your profile information.

Types of jobs available as Appen

This link will take you to the Projects screen, where you can complete your profile.

 Click on “Continue Profile” and enter your personal information.

I’ll let you complete these details yourself:

4. Login to your dashboard

Once you login, you’ll see your dashboard: