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9 Fantastic Apps That Pay You To Exercise

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Are you looking for apps that will pay you to exercise? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s hard to believe it, but it’s true! These apps will pay you to get in shape. How’s that for motivation? 

Don’t get me wrong – exercise is fantastic for your health, and you should do it no matter what, but getting paid to exercise could be that extra motivation you need to get back in shape and living a healthy life. 

As an added bonus, some of these apps can be used together, so yu can be paid twice or three times!

How awesome is that! 

Top 3 Apps that Pay You To Exercise

We’ve searched, installed, and used dozens of apps that claim to pay or reward you when you exercise. What we’ve found is that many don’t work well, some pay so little that it’s hardly worth the trouble installing them, and others are just plan scams.

What I’ve compiled here is the top 2 apps that are 1005 legit, and will reward you for simply physical activities like going for a walk, jogging and running.

Other Recommended Apps That Pay You To Exercise




Survey Junkie pays you to answer surveys. After you build your profile, Survey Junkie matches you to surveys by brands, services and products you care about. Earn rewards by completing surveys, and get paid via PayPal or e-Giftcards. Click here to join Survey Junkie (USA, Australia, Canada, residents only).

MyPoints will pay you for answering surveys, taking polls, and much more. You get a $10 Welcome Bonus of either an Amazon Gift Card or a Visa Gift Card. Click here to join MyPoints (USA and Canada residents).

Make An Extra $750/Month from Home

Swagbucks - Get $10 when you sign up!

Swagbucks will pay you money for doing what you already do online everyday. You will get credits while you play, shop, take fun surveys and watch videos online. 

You can trade in credits earned to receive gift cards and other rewards that can be used in some of your favorite online shops. 

InboxDollars - Get $5 when you sign up!

InboxDollars pays you for watching videos, taking surveys, read emails, go shopping and play games. In fact get a $5 Bonus when you sign up as a new user.

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