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15 Ways to Make Money Online While You’re at Home

15 Ways To Make Money Online While You're at Home

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Whether you’re a stay-at-home Mom or Dad, have quit your job or been laid off, or simply looking to make a little bit extra income, taking up a home based side hustle could be just the thing you need to make a little bit of extra cash.

There are dozens of ways that you can make an income from home, some more lucrative than others. Some may need little to no upfront investment, while others need you to invest time and money to get going.

In this post I’ll run through the 15 easiest and fastest ways to make some extra money. What I discuss here either myself or my wife have done, or we know people who have. These are all legitimate methods, and require little to no financial investment to get started. All that’s required is a desire to give it a go, learn and adapt.

Consider this as your 'lazy person's guide to making money online'

Before we launch into the list, I will warn you that some of these methods will require a longer time commitment. While some methods can be implemented within a few days,with profits starting to flow soon after,  other methods require weeks and months of effort to see results. 

These longer methods, such as setting up a social media profile and building an online brand or blog, lead into the realm of passive online income. This is the ultimate goal – to setup a money making machine and have it working for you 24 hours a day generating income, even while you sleep or are on vacation.

The list is organised from the easiest and quickest to setup, to the ones requiring a higher commitment of time and resources. 

1. Research and Test Websites

There are many websites dedicated to user testing and research in which you can part to earn some extra cash.

You will need to register and provide some screening information. After that, any tests or studies that you are suitable for will be presented.

A well-known site is Below is a snapshot of the types of opportunities available. As can be seen, jobs are posted regularly and the payouts are significant for ont to two hours of work. Additionally, when you create an account, you are given an affiliate link, and can refer your colleagues and friends and earn more money. Jobs

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